I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Monsta, The Black Cat With Black History

The first half hour

Me: Meow....mewowwww. meowww..meonw... nmeowwww...Monsta~~, come here baby.. my dear poor monsta.. come here...

The aunty: Hehehehe... poor cat.. Let me help you with the ladder..

One hour letter, when my hand cannot reach him..

Me: Monsta!! You better come here and get down! Let see when I get you! I will pinch your ear and slap your butt! I will tie you and eat you!

The aunty: Hohohoho.. dont do that.. Poor him

Me: hahahaha aunty, Im just joking~ :p

Argh!!!!.. Another tiring day with Monsta!! Monsta my dear balck cat Monsta. They say it will be storm tonight, so I have to save Monsta from the rooftop before the heavy rain. Hes been on the roof for 3 days. I purposely not rescue him because I want him to learn how to get down himself. He is much older than his younger bro, plus he can get down previously. What will happen if Im not around? Learn and be strong Big Boy!

Monsta when I met him 

Monsta, I adopt him from my workplace. He was trapped on the roof top, maybe lost when he was hunting. He's hand and leg was injured back then and he was very weak. Maybe it was a black history for him that he traumatized to jump down from a high place. Even when he is grown enough, he cannot jump up to the table where even the much smaller cats can suppress him.

Then after almost 7 month, he become inquiry of what happen outside. Seeing Troy and Olen enjoying the freshness of air, the singing bird, their routine going and back from work outside, he also want to have the experience. So he decided to go outside himself and try his luck out there. Its not very fun outside, he cannot play with birds since they are up high in the sky, he is afraid because the dogs are beastly bigger, and the chickens, they are too protected towards their chick and peck whoever threatened them. With the beastly dog and chickens try to catch him, Monsta run up to the roof to save himself. Up there he don't know how to get down. That his outside world experience after a very long time as indoor cat.

The first time he spent two days  on the roof. On the first day, he jump down but back to the roof again when Baby (the neighbor dog) who is very loyal observing and watching him is ready to bark. Since he can get down himself, I expect him able to save himself. He continuously meowing and I persuade him with cat treats and food. Finally at 3 am in the morning he jump down again and finally save from Baby. The first experience have teach him allot, he didn't go outside until few month latter.

The second time he spend four days on the roof. Since he have experience it before and able to get down himself, I just wait for him. When it pass 4 days and he still up there, I get worried and then I borrow a ladder to save him. I really angry at him on why he cannot get down this time when he should be a bigger and braver cat. Baby and the gang also annoy me, why they have so much time to tease my cat! Shouldn't they work harder as watchdog at the neighborhood!

The third time Monsta spend 3 days 2 night on the roof. It is as in the dialog above. The aunt and a little bro help me to save him. They are very kind neighbor to concern about me and my cats. THANK YOU NEIGHBOR, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! I spent almost 3 hour to persuade Monsta to come closer to me so I can snap him to bring him down. I bring fish and cat treat but he didn't care. Then I try to bring on Babu Corner to persuade him that the food that I brought are delicious. Monsta fell for it and he get closer to eat. Unfortunately Babu just cannot be trusted that he ate all the food before Monsta coming! So choosing agent Babu in the mission is a failure! Next I'm using a more trusted candidate which is Monsta younger siblings (Shumaker, Konti, Poll and Helmet). I try them one by one and finally Monsta get closer to eat the food. By that I snapped Him and get him down quickly. Monsta finally saved and later its really rain at night.

Agent Babu who fail in the mission

Another team to save 

Monsta is same size with Babu, but lees self-confident

After few days, Monsta on the roof for the forth time, this time its only a day. "Haish, this budak itam, why didnt he learnt form experience! Serve yourself up there!" I blabbing angrily to myself. The next morning when I prepare food for the cats, he meowing for sympathy but I didn't care nor reply. However after one hour, I suddenly saw one black cat join eating with the other. Yeayyyyy its Monsta! Finally he is brave enough and become a real male! haha.. Alhamdulillah...

Alhamdulillah! I'm less worried now. Monsta has overcome his trauma and going to the roof is now become his routine. Now along with Babu, Troy and Olen, he enjoy the nature, the freshness of air and the chripping birds.  Even he experience it quite late from the other (after one year as indoor cat), I relief that at least he become braver, stronger and I belief he can save himself. So at least if one day I'm not around, I don't have to worry about him and his safety. My black boy is now braver! 

 Be strong black cat, I love u~~ =)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Computer-geek Cats

I was leaving my blog in draft mode that when I comeback I saw a new entry. Oh it is draft made by my one month old kittens and this is what they write:


Don't know the meaning but looks like it is a secret code. hehehe..

Not enough with blogging, the kittens also help in deleting few email. Thanks cats, for cleaning my in-box which has full with old emails.

They also offer to help me replying some work related email. I said, you guys are awesome cat!, but it would be work load for you to manage all my email. Still Im very thankful for the kind offer.

My kittens show very high interest in computer.  Even after I remove them from the key pad, they will try all the way to get on it again and again. Maybe in the future, not just blogging or deleting email, they might try formatting computer or become expert in the field.

Seeing their enthusiasm to work with computer, I asked them question "What cause you guys to have very deep interest in computer?" They reply with this "meow, meow, meow, meow, meow" which can be translated as "Computer is very exiting, modern, global and the best thing to make us feel warm all the time!". hehehe =p

p/s-Computer-geek cats, I love you~~ May you guys grow healthy and happily. Thanks for helping with my computer and a thousand thanks for being my companion, to make me laugh for all the brilliant things you guys doing. Thank you Allah for the awesome cats =)

The awesome kittens and their 2 bros which also their mentor. 
Monsta (the black cat) is expert in climbing to high place 
(but later need little help of using ladder to get down).
 The other one is Babu Corner who expert in soprano voice and feet biting.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Convocation? Guess is Not My Happy Day?

Everyone should be happy on their convocation as it is the day where we get graduation scroll after years of hardship studying and learning at university. Different from me, after attending two convocation, I make a conclusion that it is not my happy day but the two days that I was in heartbroken. 

At first, I dont really mind about convocation as I think it just about receiving scroll ceremony. However like others, I also want my family to be happy and proud to see me walk on the stage, wearing convocation robe to receive the degree scroll. Since it can be said as once in a lifetime experience, I hope it will be a happy day for us to get together, taking happy pictures and have our vacation.

However it not going as planned. Maybe Allah want to test how patient I am (come out Im not very patient, heee). My convocation and the convocation that I attend were ruined. The two days I was in heartbroken and mad towards the person who spoil the day. Its very disappointing to have the same person (in my point of view, or maybe Im the one who is wrong. hehe) ruined the special day twice, it really upsetting that make me dislike to a day called convocation.

However in both convo, my lovely mum (IBU MITHALI) save the day by cheering up the situation. Seeing mum like that, I also back-up, try to endure it as I think "isn't us the one who suppose to make her happy? This should be her proud day to see us. So at least in front of mum just back-up and let go". So even the convocations are ruined and I have to force my smile in most pictures, at least I have a happy memory that in both days I have a loving mum, who persuade me with her loving heart, we happily go shopping at convo festival and she really is a loving mum that fair to all us. Thanks mum, you are the BEST MUM!

What I can repent from the upsetting convocation?

We can just planning, but Allah is the best Planner. Even if it goes not as we want, have faith it is the best for us. I always belief in that because I myself experience this many times. Maybe now I said convocation is my unforgettable heartbroken day, but maybe few years later I can smile while remember the day. After all its not all bad, there were also happy memory with mum, friends and the convo festival. 

The difficulty come maybe as reminder for me who always forget Him. Too exited in one occasion that I neglect the importance of other. While sis walk on the stage to receive her degree scroll, Im happy to see mum raised her hands to be grateful to Allah for His grace that we were raised healthily and received proper education. Along the ceremony she non stop expressing her gratitude with bright smiles, zikir and doa. Alhamdulillah.

For all 'angry bird' person, please, please, please and pleaseeeeeeeeee. Just for the special occasion, on the special day, please endure your temper and dont be selfish!!! Dont throw tantrum unknowingly for small small matter, think of others especially the elder. When the day is called special day, it is rare that even if you cry and deeply regret, you cannot turn back time to bring back the special day! Appreciate others, be thankful for what they sacrifice and thus work hard to make them happy.   

There are limit in teasing other. Saying you not care and repeatedly said the words you doesn't mean can become doa. It was proven on my convocation day. If you love your family, dont be shy to express your feeling. Showing your appreciation and make your family happy is also ibadah. Please be remind, if you continuously and purposely hurting other, ones can fade up and give up on you.  

Saying sorry is a noble thing, but preventing to say sorry many times is much much greater. Because everything may forgiven but not forgotten. 

I wish I could be like mum. Who is very patient, soft, loving and tough. Even in very difficult and upsetting day, she always patient and grateful to Allah.  Always mum, you are my sunshine and my lovely sunshine =)

To myself, just dont be too sensitive and small minded. I also contribute to the bad day or maybe it all happened because of me. Learn and repent from what happen, take the good and leave the bad, because Allah who know the best. 

Always I am very tough and patient. But when it comes to family, I am more sensitive and emotional. It because I love them very much. 

When invited to attend the convocation, I recalled of what happened to me during my convocation day. Still I bury my memory and said, forget the old story and lets be happy on this. When the second convocation is also a mess, I am very disappointed. However, after all that happened, deep inside I repent, even if I was in heartbroken during the two convocation, I am still very grateful that its all just about feeling. At least we all are physically healthy to attend the ceremony and at least no bad things occur. Alhamdulillah.

Seeing these pictures, I guess it not bad afterall. At least mum is happy and enjoying the day. Alhamdulillah =)

p/s- Its awal muharam and a new year in Islamic calendar. Still my entry is about negative things. Not my intention to just write about my bad day, maybe as reminder so it not happen for the third time?  Anyway, Happy Maal Hijrah. =)

Monday, 21 October 2013

Goodbye Good Man~

On Saturday we have farewell party for Joshua, the assistant manager at our company. Hes been working in the company for almost 12 years but he choose to grab opportunity and take challenge to work at other place. I remember the first time I met him two years ago during my first day at the company, with the BIG and most welcome smile he said "Hi, Im Joshua, welcome to the company!".

Joshua is the boss that  is the leader. He loved and respected by all staff and workers. He is very humble, caring, friendly and helpful. As the boss, at work when we do mistakes, he can be very truculent and his voice is loud, but just for a day to recover. Also he never angry to a limit that can pierce heart that his sub can repent without feel discourage. Simple explanation, the sub enjoy working with him with respect and love as boss. Even when the news that he going to quick spread, many feel sad and hope he will just stay. 

Working with him is an advantage because he give his best in every project. As junior in the industry, we always seek his advice about processing, machine, manpower and etc. Always he never disappoint us and he never sting to share his knowledge and experience. I remember there is a day when we ask his opinion about the best way of mixing in large processing, with a kind heart as senior he explain thoroughly this and that. Not enough with that he offer to bring us to visit a bioreactor that miles away from the office and that was my first time visit other branch of the company. 

In office he always cheer-up situation, making jokes, share new info and he himself is always in happy mood. As the top in the office with more revenue, he is the source where we asked for sponsorship. He simply donates RM50-100 for a party, bread and crackers for lunch and chocolate bar that he stored in the ice box. Always there will be funny ways to ask for the sponsorship, anyway the big idea its not about money but more to happy interaction and the happy memories. 

Joshua trademark is the companies car that he use, which also the most popular car in the company. It is a Maroon land Cruiser that was inherited from many generation of bosses and aged about 20 years old. The first user is our director, passed to his nephew, other bosses and finally go to Joshua. It extremely rugged that after many years it still OK even-though the appearance is KO. His car always become jokes for us, how we can recognize it from far away,  how we know the sound and how it is Joshua's. Using that car I remember he sent me home twice. When I said its ok to just drop me at the bus stop, he refused and instead send me till at front of my house. 

Joshua is a business man that he have a phone shop. There is a time when he do sales for some item in his shop and he bring some necklaces, bracelet and kid watch to the office. Many buy form him with very big discount up to 70% which I dont think can pay off the real value. haha.. 

Days before he leave, I can see he is quite sad to leave us. He avoid for a long chat, he make jokes that seems not suitable and he never mad. Its been 12 years with the company, (I think) it is his first job, and he start when the factory is 0. Off course there were bitter-sweet memories along the years and I think it is a hard decision to leave the company. Anyway he made his decision and it is worth as the other party offer MUCH better. That teach me that sometimes we need to make a hard decision, a courage to move forward, quickly grab an opportunity and willingness to take challenge in order to make self-improvements. 

To Joshua, thank you very much for your kind help,  for the sweet memories and of all we gonna really miss you. Im very grateful and glad that as rookie I have learned many things from you. Good luck at the new place and wish you a happy new life. =)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Happy Eid Adha

Alhamdulillah for Allah grace that we still alive to celebrate Eid Adha this year. Eid adha or Eid Qurban is Muslim celebration in honour of prophet Ibrahim for his devotion to Allah's command to sacrifice his first born son Prophet Ismail. When being asked by his father about Allah's command Ismail answer with maturity and willingness to sacrifice his own life for His religion "Father, do what you have been commanded. You will find me, Insha'Allah, to be very patient". With Allah willing Ismail then replaced with lamb for the scarification and both the prophets passed the test.

"O my Lord! Grant me a righteous (son)!" So We gave him the good news of a boy, possessing forbearance. And when (his son) was old enough to walk and work with him, (Abraham) said: O my dear son, I see in vision that I offer you in sacrifice: Now see what is your view!" (The son) said: "O my father! Do what you are commanded; if Allah wills, you will find me one practising patience and steadfastness!" So when they both submitted and he threw him down upon his forehead, We called out to him saying: O Ibraheem! You have indeed fulfilled the vision; surely thus do We reward those who do good. Most surely this was a manifest trial. And We ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice. And We perpetuated (praise) to him among the later generations. "Peace and salutation to Abraham!" Thus indeed do We reward those who do right. Surely he was one of Our believing servants. 
[Quran 37: 100-111]

Hmmm... Dearest son, own life are what the prophet willing to sacrifice for devotion to Allah. Surely we are not comparable with the prophet since they are maksum and siddiq that all their action and dreams are only the truth. Still we need to reflect and take lesson of the history and relevantly apply in our modern life. Ask ourself, what the least we can sacrifice for the sake of ummah and Islam? Money? Time? Strength? Or anything we can contribute? 

Let skip the answer and move on to Muslim issues nowadays. Egypt, Rohingya, Syria and Palestine.  It maybe too complicated to know each detail but good enough if we alert that our innocent brothers and sisters are slaughtered there. Innocent kids, elders, historical places and Islam's honor were abused and killed without mercy. It is now not just about war among religion but more to humanity that even the non Muslim shows concern regarding the issues. So what about us that bound in the name of Muslim brotherhood?

Palestine, lets care and act

The kind footballer do care. May Allah bless..

Back to Question of what we can sacrifice? Speaking as an average person these might be the little things that can be done.
  1. Money & strength:  An average person might not contribute much but the sum of all us can be very huge.
  2. Time: Taking time to learn and alert of what happening can motivate individual to understand and contribute more. 
  3. Knowledge: With IT generation internet playing a big role in curving the mind of peoples. I respect some of the so called keyboard warrior that use their knowledge, intellectual and skill to give awareness and educate internet users worldwide. Still be careful of the doubted source.
  4. Doa: It certainly will be very beneficial physical and spiritually. To Allah we seek for help, as He is the Almighty God that has all power, the most Merciful and the most Wise. 
  5. Boycott: It is a simple thing to do that can give huge impact to our enemy. Start with ourself as an example and then slowly imply with family, friends and those who close to us. 

Little scarification by not eating or using boycott product, 
might save a life of our brother

Remember them ALWAYS, In Shaa Allah, Amin..

I visit a blog and the banner is 'we care Palestine, boycott Israel product'. His blog is like mine that write anything generally and more like a diary but still the main banner is about love Palestine. That shows how he care about Palestine and he want to remind anyone not to forget Palestine and what the least we can do. I respect that and how that small banner can move heart and educate people. Like him, me too want to change my main banner to 'love Palestine' and to show that I care about them.  In Shaa Allah it will become my reminder and encourage me to care about them always. Amin..

So for Eid Qurban this year, reflect of what we can contribute to Islam and how we could help our brothers and sisters. Hopes the little thing we do is helpful and the sincerity can reach any heart to contribute and care more. 

p/s- Writer is someone that still lack of knowledge but willing to learn. Please correct if spotted any mistake or misinformation especially that related to phrases from Al-Quran, hadith and fact. Your advice, critic and suggestion is much appreciated. Happy Eid Adha, maaf zahir & batin.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

We Say "10Q 4 Ur VisiT!'

Few days ago, sis come to visit us. Alhamdulillah, she arrived safely and she was here for 6 days. The 6 days are so meaningful for us and become another story in my life. Thank you Allah for giving me another chance to meet sis,to be able eat her cook, to be able chat with her, being nagged by her, another present and another argument during the 6 days. Alhamdulillah!

Ok, just what sis do at our house?

Shes nagging, Nagging and NAGGING!
"Why these things not here?"````
"Why you not put it there?"
"Dont you notice your instant noodle has expired?"
"Did you bought all the food stock to give to the charity?"
"Update this and that..."
"Think about this and that..."
"Its time to shalat, go shalat!"........................."Its subuh, WAKE UP!!!!!"
"etc, etc, etc & bla bla bla......"

Shes cooking
Fried Chickens & Sauteed Eggplant
The fried chickens was marinated with salt, honey and grated ginger... The chickens was over-burned and taste bitter, the sauteed eggplant is all black. Anyway, I enjoy the fried chickens but will never forget how sis fry it!

Salted Sliced Sausage and Yam Soup
After a very long time, I really enjoy her cook! The Salted Slices Sausage is the recipe that mum tough us and it was delicious! Yam soup is combination of PAMA instant mee hoon, some spices and yam cubes, it also amazingly delucious! Yam, yam , yummy~ =)
I help her making the soup and I learned that when making yam soup use pan that has cover. So after the water is boiled, cover the pan and it will only take few minutes for the yam to soak and soft, or else it can take hour for the yam to soak.

The sausage, only these left when I take the pic

Chickens Rice
Sorry, Im not very impressed with the result but I agree it is 100x better compare to my cooking skill. hehe.. The rice was much oily but and weak chickens flavor. The chickens was very delicious but just like another delicious fried chickens. The soup was not bad but much differ from what made by professional. When I asked and suggest that she use chickens cube, she answer that its all because the sup bunjut not aromatic and saaid chickens cube is all MSG.

The chicken rice =)

Sis, sorry for the rude comment. I just being sincere and hope you can improve your cooking skill.
Peace (- _-)V

We went shopping for what mum asked and what granny need. Dried fish, anchovies, browning sugar, maruku miller, present for her pupils, etc. Another day sis and aunt went as early 6am shopping at pasar minggu. Congrats to them, I rather at home. hehe.. 

Cats and dogs
This is what I remember she said to them
Labu: "Quite a unique soprano voice, he so heavy and a feet biter"
Olen: "She really a Queen, the face so innocent but she the real bandit"
Monsta: "He all black cat, including the lips. The eyes so beautiful and he is very polite"
Troy: "Momy just where you want to put your kids?"
Troy's generation: "Shumaker, konti, helmet and poll.. funny name"
Dogs: While the dogs were cutely stretching and scratching, sis say  "Help me! help me! look at the dogs, he gonna bite me!" and then she continuously recite doa. Just dont know what doa she recite, but the dogs dont really care about her presence and not barking.

The most sincere present from my cats

Sis gave foods to them all and thus the cats love her and the dogs not treat her as stranger. The cats even give her present of appreciation. She got her computer mouse all bitten! =3

During the farewell, like always I hate being left because it feel so lonely. I love my family and wish to be with them always. Living here so far without them is quite sad but so far it still bearable. Maybe I need to work hard and earn something to make it worth and like they did, me too will always remember them in my doa. In Sha Allah.

I got present, a cute key chain. 10Q sis! =)

p/s: Thank you to aunts and Naty for helping while sis at here. We really appreciate it. Alhamdulillah =) 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hamba Allah Yang Benar-benar Soleh

Biasanya bila terbaca ayat-ayat yang canitk dalam Al-Quran, selalu teringin untuk kongsi dengan orang lain. Dan harini lepas maghrib, terbaca  topik yang sangat menarik dan alhamdulillah Allah bukakan hati untuk rajin ke laptop dan menaip apa yang dibaca. Dengan redhaNya, semoga ia menjadi peringatan pada saya dan kita semua. In Sha Allah.

Keterangan daripada surah Al-Furqaan ayat 63-74. 

Tafsir untuk setiap ayat mungkin boleh baca di tafsir masing2, namun di sini saya kongsikan keterangan ayat yang diolah oleh Prof. Dr. H. Mahmud Yunus. Ini adalah disalin bulat2 sebab bimbang kalau terubah mana2 maksud (Rujukan: Tafsir Mahmud Yunus, Al-Quran Nul Karim Rasm Uthmani , ms 533 & 534). 

Hamba Allah SWT yang benar-benar saleh ialah:
  1. Orang yang berjalan di muka bumi dan tidak menyombongkan diri (takbur).
  2. Jika dia bertengkar dengan orang-orang yang bodoh, dia mengucapkan: Selamat dan dia tidak mahu membuang masa dengan berbantahan dengan mereka, kerana masa itu lebih berharga dari harta benda.
  3. Pada malam hari dia bersujud kepada Allah SWT serta beribadat, iaitu mengerjakan sembahyang maghrib dan Isyak (dan bersembahyang tahajud).
  4. Dia takut kepada seksa Allah SWT, sambil berdoa mudah-mudahan dia terhindar dari seksa itu.
  5. Dia suka menderma sebahagian wangnya untuk menolong fakir miskin dan amal jariah, seperti mendirikan sekolah hospital dan sebagainya. Dia tidak kikir dan pula berlebiha (melampaui batas) tentang membelanjakan wangnya (boros) melainkan sederhana dan patut menurut keadaannya. 
  6. Dia tidak menyembah selain daripada Allah SWT, dia tidak sujud pada kubur-kubur atau tempat-tempat sakti, malah kepada Allah SWT semata-mata
  7. Dia tidak membunuh orang kecuali dengan kebenaran, umpamanya kerana orang itu bersalah membunuh anaknya menurut keputusan pengadilan Islam.
  8. Dia tidak berzina (berbuat jahat). Barang sesiapa membuat salah satu antara perkara yang tiga ini, iaitu menyembah selain daripada Allah SWT, membunuh orang dan berzina, maka dia akan diseksa Allah SWT serta dilipatgandakan seksanya, kecuali orang yang bertaubat dan beramal saleh. Maka Allah SWT menukarkan kejahatannya itu dengan kebaikan, serta dihapuskan segala dosanya. 

Orang-orang yang saleh juga adalah:
  1. orang yang tidak mahu menjadi saksi palsu, malah menerangkan apa sebenarnya yang dilihatnya.
  2. Jika mereka bertemu dengan orang-orang yang bercakap-cakap kosong (membuang masa), mereka tidak mahu mencampurinya, malah mereka terus berjalan meninggalkan mereka.
  3. Jika mereka diberi preingatan dengan Al-Quran, mereka bukan seperti patung, tidak bergerak tidak mendengar dan tidak juga memperhatikan, melainkan mereka mendengar dan sebenar-benarnya serta diikuti semua ajaran Al-Quran.
  4. Orang yang selalu mengharap dan meminta supaya mereka memperolehi isteri yang terdidik dan pandai menguruskan rumah tangga, serta anak-anak yang terpelajar dan berbudi pekerti baik, sehingga semua itu menggembirakan hatinya, menyedapkan pandangannya, seolah-olah mereka tinggal di dalam syurga dunia. Bahkan mereka menjadi ikutan dan tauladan bagi jirannya, kaum kerabatnya dan seluruh negeri. 

Daripada panjang lebar keterangan dan tafsiran Prof. Dr, ini yang dapat saya digest untuk peringatan diri sendiri dan saya kongsikan.
  1. Jangan sombong, angkuh kerana tiada yang lebih kaya dan tinggi darjat daripadaNya. Kita manusia adalah sama hambaNya, jika lebih sedikitpun mudah sahaja hilang bila Allah tarik nikmat kesihatan, kehidupan @ akal. Bagaimanapun saling menghormati adalah semestinya. 
  2. Tidak perlu buang masa untuk pertengkaran yang tidak berfaedah seperti saling menyakiti atau melaga-lagakan sesama saudara. Adakah kita tidak takut @ rasa berdosa @ rasa bersalah abila kita menjadi punca putusnya silaturrahim? Jadi, lebih baik ia ditinggalkan @ kita yang mengalah.
  3. Siksa yang dinyatakan dalam Al-Quran  sepatutnya menjadi pengajaran yang boleh menyentuh hati. Contohnya dalam Al-Quran banyak kali diulang kisah ahli kubur yang disiksa teringin untuk hidup semula dan bertaubat, namun sudah terlewat. 
  4. Mengenai kekayaan janganlah kita kedekut, hendaklah berserdehana dan berasa gembira dan bersyukur apabila dapat menyumbangkannya kepada kebaikan. 
  5. Mnyembah Allah tuhan yang satu dan pada Dia kita memohon pertolongan dan berharap.
  6. Tidak membunuh melainkan atas keadilan, contohnya polis & tentra yang berlawan dengan musuh untuk mempertahankan negara. 
  7. Membenci perbuatan jahat dan segera bertaubat. 
  8. Janganlah kita menjadi saksi palsu @ memfitnah @ menambah-nambah cerita yang tidak pasti sesuka rasa. Kadang2 terdapat perkara yang benar tetapi tidak perlu kita ceritakan @ sampaikan jika ia boleh menyebabkan pergaduhan, tambahan tiada faedah jika disampaikan. Maksudnya, jangan jadi batu api.
  9. Mengambil tauladan dan tersentuh dengan pengajaran Al-Quran. Pernah dikatakan, hati mati apabila tidak takut berbuat dosa berulang-ulang dan tiada juga niat untuk memperbaiki diri. 
  10. Selalu memohon dan berusaha mendidik keluarga menjadi soleh. Alhamdulillah, saya yang liat bangun subuh ni, bila di kampung mak hari2 pujuk bangun subuh untuk solat di surau. Hati sangat gembira dengan pujukan mak dan lucu bila dia menggunakan kucing. =3
Mungkin banyak dalam list di atas yang masih belum kita lakukan. Dan biasalah, cakap memang senang tapi payah untuk dilaksanakan. Apapun sekecil mana niat kita untuk berubah, semoga dipermudahkan dan diberi hidayah dari Allah SWT. Semoga perkongsian ini bermanfaat pada kita semua. In Sha Allah. 

Sebelah kanan (tafsir berwarna biru) adalah tafsir yang saya gunakan sebagai rujukan. Ia bersama saya sejak tahun 2006. Sebelah kiri (tafsir berwarna coklat) adalah hadiah dari kakak tahun lepas, tapi saya jarang gunakan sebab tulisannya agak kecil untuk dibaca. Apapun saya sayang keduanya~ =D 

p/s- Writer is someone that still lack of knowledge but willing to learn. Please correct if spotted any mistake or misinformation especially that related to phrases from Al-Quran, hadith and fact. Your advice, critic and suggestion is much appreciated. Salam =)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Sudden Goodbye

Thursday, early at 8.30am my friend told me that she have to quit her job. I'm very surprised that I repeatedly ask her for confirmation. Yes, she have to quit because she have to undergo treatment for her sickness. 

My friend started work 7 weeks ago at our company. We get close very fast and we were good as partner. We have started a project but yet she cannot stay until it finish. Its only 2 weeks before the project end. 

She have health problem that she just knew it recently. It have yet confirmed, but everyone think it is serious. She still very young in 20s and she the type who take care of her health. She is a strong girl and keep faith that its all have purpose for what has fated. 

On Friday we make farewell party for her. She was cheerful and strong that peoples around not feeling sad. On Saturday, she make breakfast with Sardine roll for us and thus our last day filled with comfort. 

Until the end she show her passionate in work. She still asking about everything, why is this, why it looks like that, how to determined it? Feeling pierced, I explain thoroughly like we will never parted. 

Before her I have another friend who quit the job. We also very close, but I never feel sad as I know she go for a better offer. But this friend, she have no other choice but to quit the job that she like.

My dear friend, for the 7 weeks I'm very comfortable with your kindness, soft spoken and of all I admire your courage and patient. I wish the result is good and you always in good health. Stay strong like you always have. May Allah S.W.T bless you and reward a better price for your patient. 

I shouldn't say it simply, but I hope the good words will give you strength. 
May Allah bless. Amin.. 

p/s- Be grateful for what we have today. Take care of our health, do the best in everything we do and appreciate life. Remember there's other who have no choice but to go on as fated.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I'm Tired of You Guys Fighthing!

      Last week, on Sunday which is my rest day, I'm wasting 2 hour of my precious time begging my cat to get down from the rooftop.  Labu, he not dare to climb down but continue meowing while staring at me who also exhausted meowing in human tone.

      Few month ago Troy, she trapped on the rooftop for 2 days.  The same situation occur with many observers as she trapped at the store in front of my house. The roof is too high for me to reach, but just when I'm looking for a ladder, my kind neighbor offer to rescue. Thanks neighbor! =)

Troy on the rooftop of a store......

......and after she get down, she smell weird 

      Another day, Monsta  he sleep on the rooftop. He stuck since 9pm but, I'm afraid to go outside as it already late. That night Monsta meowing and several time I meowing back calling him to get down. That night, I just cannot sleep with the eerie sound made by Monsta. I text sms to sis at 3am complaining my situation. The next day after I returned from work, he still up there and again I'm begging him to get down. I even have to refuse a dinner invitation in order to save the poor Monsta. Deep inside I think I'm much pitier.

      The above story is about my 4 cats who always have misunderstanding, argument, misconception and fight with the neighbor dog gang. 4 cats vs 4 dogs, and Im the one who mental and physically suffer between the fight. huhu...

Cat gang.......

She is the eldest in cat gang. She quite brave and timid that the first time she met dogs, she not afraid and ignoring them as thereat or dangerous while the dogs confused to see Troy for the first time. However she also experience being chased by dogs that after I forgot to bring her in. The timid Troy starlet for few days that make me laugh heavily because a timid and bully Troy will shrink after hear dog barking. Anyway, now she have no problem with dogs and always she tease and play with them.

The gorgeous and feminine cat is always kind and generous. At first she just observe the dog gang from inside house but after know that the dogs are actually harmless, she go outside and have a close look on them. She not hissing thus the dogs know that Olen is kind and lovely. But yet, the feminine and gorgeous Olen was misunderstood by a hen and the chicken chase and peck poor Olen. Now Olen become a good friend to dogs, but she still traumatize with chickens.

Labu is a poor cat that have suffer allot because of dogs. When he still very small (maybe few weeks old) I found him being bullied by the neighbor dogs. Because of that he really hate and afraid to dog. Several times I try to introduce him to dog (so they will know each other and not hurting him), but still he cannot accept them in his heart.

I dont know what Monsta have went through, but like Abu he just cannot trust dog.

Dog gang........

Baby is a very kind and friendly dog. He know that it is bad to hurt my cats and he always very kind towards them. He very close with Troy and Olen and he just dont understand why Monsta and Labu hissing everytime he try to approach.

Musang is kind but not very friendly. She neither like nor hate cats, she just do her own thing and ignoring others.

The leader of the gang is very manly and macho. He shows a good example to his fellow dogs that my cats are also neighbor and cannot be harmed. When my cat hissing, he just ignore them and sometimes he step backward.

The young dog just try to explore world. With cat that hissing, he will bark and when they running he will chase them and sometimes he is the one who afraid of cat. Anyway he never do bad thing to may cats.

Pakcik Tua
The late old dog were really respected by younger dogs. Even he is creepy old, no dogs dare to over him and they will dismiss by just a barking from him. Yet the Old Pakcik Tua is very kind towards cats. May he R.I.P.

My opinion......

      It was my cats who misunderstood the neighbor dogs. Maybe because they take more precaution to the bigger and beastly looking dog. By time hopefully they will make peace and reconcile. I'm just very tired of them fighting and stuck in the rooftop. And what more depressing while I'm begging my cat to get down, besides me there were dogs who also watching and waiting! huhu..

Do you know that??

When touched by dog in dry condition, no need to sertu. However if either one or both (dog @ touched area) are wet, it is obligate (wajib) to sertu the touched area.

Sertu is a process of cleaning and purifying heavy najis (najis mughallazah). The process of cleaning is by pouring one portion of mixed soil-water, then followed by 6 portion of water to the affected area. The cleaning must remove smell, colour or taste of the najis.

As Muslim, we just cannot touch dog but never Islam told us to hate or torturing dog. Like us, Dog is also His creation that belong to live on earth.

A Muslim can have dogs for the purpose of hunting, searching criminal, guarding place and etc that beneficial to us. However, dog is still treated as najis mughallazah.

Alhamdulillah, with the 4 dogs at my neighborhood, I feel safer at house. Thanks dogs! Anyway, please be kind towards my cats. hehe..


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Born in September

      Alhamdulillah, 7/9 is my happy and special day. It is the day that I born to the world long long time ago. My age has pass teenage world and I now is adult. hehe.. There is time when I asked mum how I born and mum told the incredible story to me.

      It was on evening mum at town doing businesses and selling things. She felt hurt in stomach and know she will give birth that day. Knowing that, she called taxi and rushed home as she afraid to give birth at hospital. Why? Because she really afraid if the hospital do mistakes that there is possibility her baby changed with other's. I was delivered in my aunt house with two of my aunts do the midwife work. We are twin with my bro come out first and I delivered few minutes later. Bro come out normal while I was in inverted position. They must be very careful so that my head not snapped off from my body. I can imagine mum was deadly in pain to deliver twin, inverted baby, with no anesthetic and what more mum said bro was FAT. hehe.. I know nothing can compare to what mum endure, but I really determined to at least repay her with love and make her proud. Amin...

One of my birthday card from sis. On my birthday, she gave me Al-Quran, Al-mathurat, Islamic book, cloth, shoes and etc that beneficial to me.  I know she love me, never stop to remind me and wake me if I got slack. TQVM sis for all the presents and for ALL. I love u, and I always do. =) 

      Thank you Allah (SWT) to give me chance to see the world until today. I am grateful for Your grace that I born in Islam, healthy and live in a peaceful country. Thank you mum to endure the pain that we able to born that day. Thank you for the great and loving family that I will never change them to anything in the world. I am proud to be born as tough as mum and modest like dad.

      To myself, use this opportunity given from God and live to the fullest. Appreciate what I have and work harder to be better. May He guide me to be better Muslim, to be better daughter and to be a better human. Amin....

“Oh turner of the hearts (Allah, the Most High), keep our hearts firm on your religion“. Amin..

Friday, 30 August 2013

Best Character

‘Amr ibn Shu’ayb reported from his grandfather that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said,

“Shall I tell you about who among you I love the most and the one who will be seated closest to me on the Day of Rising?”

The people were silent, so he repeated that two or three times.

Then the people said, “Yes, Messenger of Allah.”

He said, “The one among you with the best character.”

Al-Adab al-Mufrad Al-Bukhari
   Just read the post few days ago from haqislam.org (http://www.haqislam.org/best-character/). It really touch my heart on how Islam and our prophet (SAW) teach us to behave. I’m not good in analyzing the hadith but my simple mind define the said character is refer to manner. And the manner is simply how we treat family, friends, peoples and animals. In Islam there are sooooo many hadith and phrases from Al-Quran that said how we Muslim should show a good manner, and there also sooooo many ibadah to train us for that. For the summary ill go 10 the simplest that I think everyone might already familiar with it.

Phrases From The Noble Quran

1. Luqman advice to his son. Don’t be arrogant.
‘And turn not your face away from men with pride, nor walk in insolence through the earth. Verily, Allah likes not any arrogant boaster. (18)  And be moderate in your walking, and lower your voice. Verily, the harshest of all voices is the braying of the asses.’ (19) [Surah Luqman, Phrases 18 & 19]

 2. Do not insult other religion
‘And do not insult those they invoke other than Allah, for fear that they insult Allah in enmity without knowledge. Thus We have made pleasing to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them about what they used to do.’ [Surah Al-Anaam, Phrase 108]

3. Do not badmouthing
‘O you who have believed, avoid much (negative) assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when dead? You would detest it. And fear Allah ; indeed, Allah is Accepting of repentance and Merciful.’ [Al Hujuraat, Phrase 12]

4. Speak only the good words
‘And tell My servants to say that which is best. Indeed, Satan induces (dissension) among them. Indeed Satan is ever, to mankind, a clear enemy.’ [Al-Isra’, Phrase 53]


5. Hard working, humble and cooperating
'Amrah Radiyallahu 'Anha reports that someone asked 'Aayeshah Radiyallahu 'Anha. "What was the usual practice of Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wasallam at home?" She replied: "He was a human from among other humans. He himself removed the lice from his clothing, milked his goats, and did all his work himself".

6. Take care of others feeling
'Amr ibnul 'Aas Radiyallahu 'Anhu reports: "(Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wasallam gave attention, spoke and showed love to the worst person of a nation. So that, the person may feel he is being given special attention). He used to give attention, and spoke to me also in a manner, that I began to feel that I was the best among the community. (Therefore one day) I asked: 'O Messenger of Allah, am I better or is Abubakr better?' He replied: 'Abubakr'. I then asked: 'Am I better, or 'Umar?' He replied. "Umar'. I asked: 'Am I better or 'Uthmaan?' He replied: 'Uthmaan'.When I asked him these questions, Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wasallam told me the truth. (He did not tell me I was better to keep me happy. Afterwards I felt ashamed of myself on this deed). I felt I should not have asked such a question".

This fireman said the unkind words bluntly when Garfield is a sensitive cat. 
He deserved to be pushed away =P

7. Show mercy to animals and appreciate them
It is related from Abu Hurayra that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Do not use the backs of your animals as chairs. Allah has made them subject to you, so that by them you can reach places that you would not otherwise be able to reach except with great fatigue." (Abu Dawud)

8. Both spiritual and moral are important in Islam
Some people came to the Prophet (PBUH) and told him that a certain woman was well-known for her praying, fasting, and giving much Sadaqat but she was harming her neighbor. He said, “She is in the hellfire”. Imagine! It is said that she was well known for her praying, fasting, and giving much Sadaqat. However, he said, “She is in the hellfire”. Then, it was said to the Prophet (PBUH) that another woman was well known for her little amount of praying, fasting, and giving too little Sadaqat but she was not harming her neighbors. He said, “She is in paradise”.


9. Show mercy even to enemy or prisoner of war
The time came when Muhammad and his Companions entered Makkah victorious and the Quraysh surrendered to them. On that glorious day, Muhammad (pbuh), once again, had the opportunity to retaliate for the painful years of persecution and oppression in Makkah, but once more, he showed an outstanding ability to forgive and overlook. He simply pardoned them forgave their past misdeeds. Thus, Makkah was conquered without a single drop of blood being shed.

10. A person with noble character surely loved by everybody
Rasulullah SAW is the best character to be example and followed by Muslim. His noble character is well known that he was called Al-Amin which means trustworthy, honest and reliable. As young teen, he even trusted to solve conflict among the Quraisy leader on who will put the Hajarul Aswad back into its place after flood, and Rasulullah SAW solve it fair and wisely that all the leader agreed and impressed. His noble character also one of the many reasons of peoples revert to Islam. And when everybody love him for his manner and honesty, Khadijah also fall in love to the prophet that she approach him with entrusted friend and ask to consider marriage. MasyaAllah, that how one of a greatest love in history started and just who don’t love a well mannered person? Hehe..

And when talk about ibadah that encourage of well manner, there are just sooo many but can be simplified  as below:
  1. Fasting- People that fasting has to control their mouth, eyes, body and mind from doing worthless things.
  2. Zikir- Islam encourages zikir to worship Allah SWT besides stopping mouth from talk nonsense.
  3. Zakat- It show how Muslims take care and mercy of one another.
  4. Hajj- Besides doing vacation (with the remembrance of Allah SWT) to the blessed place that full of Islamic history, Hajj teach us to be humble and met fellow Muslims of different races all around the world.
  5. Doa- Doa with best wishes to family and friends surely will teach heart to be soft, have mercy and more optimistic.
  6. Covering aurat- Always appearance represent character or at least control and teach us to be better.   
  7. Read Quran- And when sooo many dalil in Quran and with its beautiful words will surely move heart of the reader to encourage us to be a better Muslim with best character. 
  8. Following sunnah of Rasulullah SAW- And when the beloved Prophet has show the perfect example of character, following his sunnah is where we can learn to be well mannered.
      With His bless hopefully this simple writing can encourage any heart to improve ourself to be a better Muslim with best character.  I myself will try harder to achieve it as I strongly belief manner is what represent us and well mannered person surely more happy and optimistic. InsyaAllah.. Amin...

 p/s- Writer is someone that still lack of knowledge but willing to learn. Please correct if spotted any mistakes or misinformation especially that related to phrases from Al-Quran, hadith and fact. To all my family and friends, forgive all my mistakes and misbehave, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin. May Allah bless us. =)

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

~Salam Ramadhan~

Alhamdulillah, its Ramadhan again and we should be very grateful to still have a chance to live in this blessing month. Alhamdulillahx3 =)

Do you feel the blissful of Ramadhan? My answer, yup I do! For me Ramadhan is very peaceful, joyful and a blissful month. There are many reasons why Ramadhan is so special and there were also many sweet memories during Ramadhan. Here are some of mine:

Sweet~ It was on Ramadhan that my sis and I learn to shalat. When we were about five years old, even we not doing the obligatory prayers, we start to follow mum to mosque for Terawikh in every Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah. We are good kids that we not make noise or disturb others, after Terawikh mum ask us to greet all womens jamaah in mosque. Some of the sisters and aunties praise us for our good behavior, some patting our head and some kiss and squeeze us. Sweet memories with the sisters and aunties~ ~ =)

Hope these kids experienced the blessed and happiness of Ramadhan. 
GOOD JOB to start early! =)

Funny~ How a 5 years old do Terawikh? Me, I just follow what the elder do, chanting randomly with sound sstt..sstt..., take more time in ruku' and sujud for sleeping, shalat while eyes looking randomly at many things, wake up when heard AMIN from jemaah and sometimes feel dizzy for the sleepiness. Funny way to learn, but when recall back, I feel blessed. Alhamdulillah =)

Funny~ I start to learn fasting when I was 6 years old. I think most kids also learn this method, which is half day fasting. Wake up for sahur, go to school and when back (11am) consider Iftar. And after that shamelessly bragging that I’m fasting. Not enough with that, we got song for those not fasting. haha =P

Puasa Yok, Yok...
Balik rumah Buka periuk... 

Funny~ During Ramadhan either half day fasting or one day fasting, we kids were very weak and have not enough energy. Thus most of our activities like cycling, playing run and catch, hide and seek or patrolling village was postponed. So at this time I mostly at home watching TV. I enjoy watching cooking show and then imitate what the chef doing. When helping mum to prepare foods for Iftar, I usually create my own shape and colour of the cake or kuih. Then when I was 11 years old, I make my own cake, kuih and biscuit. Guess how it tests? Every time I’m making a new recipe my families warn me to make the cake enough for myself. Sis who always condemn me will always critics my food, even if it was delicious and she ate lots of it, she never said it is good. All she do is critics, CRITICS and CRITICS! On the other hand mum suffer to always trying to finish my cake and when she cannot stand it, she give them to stray cats and dogs. And what worst, I remember there is one day when not even a dog willing to eat my crispy cake! =(

Sweet~ During ramadhan mosque was very cheerful with many jamaah during iftar and terawikh. We kids also join the feast together sending food, iftar, shalat and tidying Mosque with the elder.

This cute boy, his face shows that he completed one day fasting. It might drain his energy but he looks very grateful and thankful to lift hands for prayer. All the plates with delicious and appetizing foods surely make him happy while waiting for Iftar. MasyaAllah, how Ramadhan is blessing and give happiness to kids. =)

Reflection~ When I was a kid, I am very naughty, lazy to study, always cry and always throw tantrums hysterically. It was on Ramadhan that I start to realize that I should change and grow up to be a useful person. Continue from routine on Ramadhan, I start to pray on time, listen to advice of others, study hard, read Quran and become more patient. It was during Ramadhan that I make a promise that I will read Quran every day, even if for only 3 phrase. Alhamdulillah, I’m still grasp on that promise and In Sha Allah, I hope I will improve every day. Amin..

Reflection~ Going Terawikh during Ramadhan will give us opportunity to meet good people that can advise and teach us about Islam, Quran, spiritual and moral. We may also meet the beginner who also seeking and willing to learn.  Being close with these people will give positive energy to be more like them to learn more, have faith and hope for success in world and hereafter. They also are friends who always very soft, kind, helpful, fun and cherish friendship with Islam that guide us and His blessedness that we seek. 

Reflection~ Everytime Ramadhan, I always feels at peace. It recharge the weak iman, it bring me back to the right path, it hinder me from doing bad things, it encourage me to do good deed, I will reflect myself more and always my heart feel grateful in this blessing month. Other than that I love Ramadhan by enjoying sahur, terawikh, tadarus, Eid and the most I like IFTAR. It is much happier doing it with family and friends. I remember that sis is the one who stubbornly to weak-up. When we try to wake her, she will said "It is more afdal to sahur late', later she will take only 10 minutes to eat sahur before Azan. Using soft approach, I’m using our cat to wake her, but the rough method I pinch her hardly. hahahaha.. Not forget our cat join the sahur. =)

I love Ramadhan. In 11 month with normal pace there is Ramadhan that break the routine. People do fasting of physical and spiritual, feeling soft in heart for His blessedness and always to those who seek, they will find their objective.  All praise to Allah the almighty and all wise, He created Ramadhan that bring happiness to kids and blissful to us. Let’s take this opportunity to find His love and make something valuable from Ramadhan this year. Amin..

19 days more to Go! =)

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